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Recent Tales of a Teaching Artist and Summer Workshops

Rare Hare Studio began in 2008….and here we are 9 years later, and Art FORM is in full bloom.

In addition to teaching, Erin Pennell spends many hours supporting Art FORM’s mission, seeking and processing donations, grant writing, and fostering partnerships with local museums, nonprofits, and other civic agencies. When she’s not sorting reuse and diverting materials from the landfill, Erin is likely to be sorting through some other aspect or challenge of the creative reuse nonprofit journey.  Transforming a reusable scrap material, finding a unique project for it or helping others with a creative, sustainable process is thrilling for Erin, as she is committed to arts education with creative reuse.

Currently Erin is busy with Art FORM activities including planning for summer workshops. Each year its so fun to design new summer themes or reinvent long time favorites.  Erin has been teaching art in the studio for 9 summers now–check out this summer’s workshop series with Art FORM below.

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Workshops Hours: 10am-3pm

June 19 – 22 4-Day 1st– 6th Musical Instruments & Mask Making
June 26 – 29 4-Day 1st – 7th Birds Eye View—Drawing & Flying
July 10-12 3-Day 1st – 7th Mini-Masters and Paint Lab
July 17-19 3-Day K – 7th Grand Castles, Rogue Hideaways and Accessories
July 24 -26 3-Day 1st-7th Fabric-ca-dab-ra!
July 31 – Aug 4 4-Day Teens Creative Reuse Fashion, Sound Suits and Community Service
Aug 7-10 4-Day K-5th It’s A Jungle Out There-Animals, Insects and Wild Complexities
Aug 14-16 3-Day 1st -7th Mini-Rooms, Mazes, and Maps
Aug 23-25 12-5pm Teachers Art FORM Store— Back to School Bonanza!

For more information or to obtain a registration form for summer workshops email:


Full schedule and more information about Art FORM

What’s Happening at Rare Hare Studio…

Rare Hare Studio’s website is under construction right now.  Stay tuned as we put our new look and offerings into place!

Since January 2008 The Rare Hare Studio has been offering art classes to children ages preschool through 8th grade, introducing a wide variety of materials and techniques.  Students are encouraged to explore supplies and tools freely, as well as to participate in guided lessons. Basic artistic elements such as line, shape, color, texture, form, space, and value, as well as design concepts, are discussed and practiced at appropriate grade levels. Study of these elements is further enhanced by an emphasis upon the use of patterns and rhythm in art. Taking note of patterns in the environment around us and how they can be interrelated is an integral part of this process.

We offer a truly unique mix of classes where participants can discover new things and yet build on what skills they may already have. Some students can draw very well, others may prefer to make sculpture or weave.  At Rare Hare Studio, many of our projects used mixed media, so participants are exposed to a wide range of materials and applications. We offer opportunities to develop existing skills, and introduce new skills in a comfortable, relaxed environment.  





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There is no shortage of inspiring projects,materials, and creative atmosphere during longer workshop days. Sign up today to reserve your slot.  Space is limited in these one-of-a-kind workshops!