Rare Hare F.A.I.R. (Fostering Artistic Ingenuity w/Recycling)

An important and special feature of the Rare Hare Studio is the integration of recycled items into the creative process whenever possible.Rare Hare F.A.I.R (Fostering Artistic Ingenuity with Recycling) courses increase environmental awareness by turning normally discarded items that impactSan Diego landfills into functional and creative projects.In doing so, children gain an awareness of how their own ability to express themselves can be interconnected with their community and can impact the larger world around them.



Rare Hare Studio graciously accepts clean recyclables; pleases see our Donations List below our events to see how you can help. Contact us for to schedule a drop-off or pick-up appointment.

Art classes and projects involving Rare Hare F.A.I.R. might include:

Community Events featuring Rare Hare F.A.I.R:  For more infomation about these community events and our booth’s role, check out class schedule closer to event time

Art Walk in Little Italy-Spring, late April

North Park Festival-Spring, mid-May

Adams Avenue Street Fair-Fall, late September

Art Around Adams–Summer, early June





Rare Hare Studio thrives with your donations of clean recycled and reclaimed items. Help kids create and learn about recycling; Help the environment!  You may have something that is not on this list that you wish to donate; send us email and we will see if we can take if….chances are we will!

Contact us about a drop-off or pick-up appointment for you donation. Email: info@rareharestudio.com or call 619-795-0013.

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