Fieldtrips, Teaching Off-Site, and Classes


Teaching away from the studio with ArtReach, Rare Hare has the opportunity of working with kids all over San Diego.  On this day we were at Onienta School in Imperial Beach, helping students to make ArtReach’s signature project, The Dream Quilt using oil pastels.


The Dream Quilts are alive with so much energy and color!


This 6th grade student from Encinitas visits the studio on a fieldtrip.  In this class we made mobiles from recycled materials.


Using recycled and reclaimed materials in our F.A.I.R. sculpture class, this 3rd grade student make a figure.


In this Jackson Pollock Jr. class, we explored melted crayon art.  Mom assist her 4-year-old son with the crayons, but the design is all his.  The beauty of Jackson Pollock Jr. is that kids can discover new types of media they would otherwise not get a chance to use; parents assist as needed, or just stay close by and watch.  Besides experiencing new types of art, this class is special because the parent and child work collaboratively; a chance for the parent and child to share the process and just BE TOGETHER, spending time with one another.


This young lady is proud of her weaving. We used reclaimed yarn and wrapped it around sticks; something so simple, yet full of color and texture.  It was fun to watch Mom and daugther dance around each other as they took turns wrapping the yarn around the stick.  Jackson Pollock Jr. is for ages 3-6 and is held once a month.