Creating Art with Recycled and Reclaimed Materials!


Rare Hare Studio wrapped up 2008 with art classes focusing on card making, decoupage, and holiday gift making using recycled scraps and reclaimed objects.  Offering a combination of art classes for kids and for families, artists of all ages were engaged in the endless fun of recycled arts.  We look forward to seeing everyone in the new year, with more unique classes and special events.


This artist uses tiny beads to enhance a card in Family Card Making.


In a recent Jackson Pollock Jr class, this young person creates his vision of a ship. This child’s ingenuity with the scraps is what our F.A.I.R projects are all about.


This student explores color mixing with water color and eye-droppers; she discovers what a little and a lot of paint can do, how colors can mix to make other colors, and what types of patterns can occur from dripping the paint, dragging the tool or pulling up one end of the paper while the paint is wet.   This type of exploration with art and scraps is always a theme in the studio, but young ones can try it out in our Jackson Pollock Jr. class (ages 3-7).