Summer Camps were a big success!

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A big hit in the Rare Hare Studio Window display;  This robot made by an 8-year old Henry, was assembled with recycled espresso cans and other scrap metal.  Passerbys would stop dead in their tracks to check out how we used these normally discarded items to make a robot (look out Wall-E!)


Ten weeks of summer camps and plenty of cool art to show!  With each week offering a different theme and age group, student artists create projects over the course of the whole week, taking breaks for walks in the neighborhood and stopping for a treat at Mariposa Ice-Cream down the street.  The studio was all a buzz with insects and robots, paper-making and weaving, fairy cottages and castles, and for older students, an exploration of art and social commentary.  As always at Rare Hare Studio, a running theme in many of the projects is the use of recycled materials ranging from buttons, ribbon, wood scraps, coffee cans, cardboard tubes, fabric, magazines, foam core, wire, etc.


As a part of Art and Social Commentary, middle school students discussed the history and culture connected with the murals in Chicano Park. 

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Papermaking in process: Dipping the hand made screen in the water and blended pulp, then allowing the pulp to settle and drain, followed by “couching” the sheet of paper to dry.


In Sculpture with Scraps, this 3rd grade student made an alligator from cardboard and corks.


Using paper maiche and cardboard scraps, this student combined creature forms to create an entirely unique and original animal mask.

Matisse Workshop

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Students in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades observed and discussed how French painter Henri Matisse used form, color, and pattern to create harmony in his art work.  The first half of class pastels were used and in the second half we cut foam shapes similar to Matisse’s Jazz cut-out series.