Rare Hare Booth at ArtWalk


Our recycled and reclaimed art booth at KidsWalk was a huge success, as we made an entire fleet of wine cork rafts, as well as jewelry and catepillars!  The public’s reaction to recycled materials was very positive and the kids got a kick making things out of bottle caps and corks.  The weather was warm and Saturday was non-stop!  Sunday started out warmer but was also steady until the water line broke!  It was great to meet many new families and kids and we hope to see you at the studio soon.  Special thanks to David and Julian for punching holes in ALL the hundreds of bottle caps and corks!

Family Print Making


Making patterns from objects like wooden spools, handles, spatulas, erasers and more!


This all ages class encouraged parent/child interaction while discovering mono-prints, faux lino-cuts and various objects for stamping. This Dad made a print from a wood mozaic stamp. In Family Classes, everyone can participate!