Welcome to the Rare Hare Studio

The Rare Hare Studio offers art classes to children ages preschool through 8th grade, introducing a wide variety of materials and techniques.Students are encouraged to explore supplies and tools freely, as well as to participate in guided lessons. Basic artistic elements such as line, shape, color, texture, form, space, and value, as well as design concepts, are discussed and practiced at appropriate grade levels. Study of these elements is further enhanced by an emphasis upon the use of patterns and rhythm in art. Taking note of patterns in the environment around us and how they can be interrelated is an integral part of this process.

We offer a truly unique mix of classes where participants can discover new things and yet build on what skills they may already have. Some students can draw very well, others may prefer to make sculpture or weave.  At Rare Hare Studio, many of our projects used mixed media, so participants are exposed to a wide range of materials and applications. We offer opportunities to develop existing skills, and introduce new skills in a comfortable, relaxed environment.  Starting on 2/1/14, the studio will be open every Saturday from 10am-2pm, as Art FORM’s Creative Re-Use Store will be open, offering a bounty of clean, re-useable scraps for school projects, crafters and artists and the community for low-cost.  Donations of materials will also be accepted and processed on Saturdays–bring by your scraps!

You can see a CURRENT CLASS SCHEDULE hereTo see the Summer Camp 2014 Schedule, click here. 

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Earth 8 – Eco Ambassador – Vote Today

Earth 8 Eco Ambassadors

Art FORM is honored to be a 2014 Eco Ambassador Finalist!

Please take a moment of your time to vote for ArtFORM in the 2014 Eco Ambassadors People’s Choice campaign.

You can help broaden the engagement of arts education with recycled materials. With an award of $25,000, we can server 5 times the number of students that we currently serve!

  1. Go to www.cbs8.com/ecoambassadors
  2. Vote for Art FORM
  3. Repeat on all your devices once per day until July 2nd.

The nonprofit with the most votes will be awarded $25,000. Please help us win by voting every day, on every device.

Thank you!

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Class Visits to Build Ancient Civilizations


This class of 3rd-5th graders visits the studio to explore ancient civilizations.  We discovered that Rome was not built in a day.


This student loved the PVC scraps for columns.  This piece of Roman architecture also has a marble floor.


In a 2nd session, the same student wanted to show how the Romans invented the wheel.  Using scrap wood and odds and ends, this student problemed solved how to make the Roman cart actually move with turning wheels.


Project, pride and smile say it all.

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